The company Lift Installations O.E. plans and installs elevator systems and escalators for every type of use. The assembly of passenger and goods lifts, handicapped-accessible elevators, bed lifts, special systems with or without steel scaffold erection as well as panoramic elevators are our main performance points. Our staff assembles unlimited payload, lifting height and speed in the highest safety level.

We can install the following drive systems for you

Hydraulic lifts

For hydraulic elevators, the cab is moved by one or more hydraulic pistons, which are usually vertically installed at the bottom of the hoistway. If the cab is firmly connected to the piston, this is called a direct hydraulic lift. If the force is transmitted via suspension cables and rollers, it is referred to as an indirect hydraulic elevator. In an indirectly hydraulic elevator is in principle a reverse operated pulley whose loose role is moved by the hydraulic system. The piston is always next to the cab. For directly driven systems, the piston may be under (in-ground) or next to (borehole-free) the cab.

The engine room is usually found next to the lowest level. Meanwhile, there are systems in which the drive is also installed in the elevator shaft, so-called machine roomless (MRL) systems. Hydraulic elevators are also preferred as an inexpensive solution for mounting in manholes with a small shaft head (about 2600mm) and manhole pit (about 350mm).

Our assembly team assembles all types of hydraulic lifts, with or without machine room. Setting up the hydraulic jack, whether simple or telescopic, one-piece or multi-piece and adjusting the control block, regardless of manufacturer and type, our assembly team is very familiar.

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constrction brochure

Cable lifts

In cable lifts, the carrying cables, which carry the car at one end and a counterweight at the other end, are guided via a driven pulley, the traction sheave. The ropes are not attached to the traction sheave, but are held and moved by the friction. To increase the contact surface, and thereby increasing the friction, the traction sheave has grooves. One differentiates z. B. V-grooves or round grooves, each with or without undercut, in which the ropes are pressed by the tensile stress.

The advantage of the traction sheave elevator is that almost any length of support cables can be used. Due to the weight of the ropes, however, a rope weight equalization chain is needed above a certain rope mass, which compensates the weight, no matter at which movement position, and thus energetically more economical than a drum lift. This type of lift is particularly suitable for high-rise buildings.

The engine room is usually located above the shaft, in the so-called shaft head. It can also be arranged in the middle or at the lower end of the hoistway via pulleys. In any case, the load is absorbed by overhead components. Due to the use of mostly gearless permanent magnet motors and space-saving sizes, there are since about 1995 (regulated with the introduction of EN81 1999) also machine roomless (MRL) cable elevators with a motor including a frequency converter in the shaft and a decentralized control.

Our assembly team assembles cable lifts of any manufacturer and type, with or without machine room and suspensions in the ratio 1: 1, 2: 1 or even 4: 1.

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Panoramic lifts

Premium quality for sophisticated architecture.

Glass lifts in glazed shaft structures with hydraulic or electric drive.

Panoramic lifts can be installed with or without engine room and also with partially open shafts.

Glass and panoramic elevators are installed as dynamic elements in changing architectural concepts. They make viewers and users experience the vertical movement inside the architecture. In addition to the functional aspects, the architectural concept is the main focus of the considerations during the planning phase.

Schmitt + Sohn manages a design department specializing in such panoramic elevators from planning to execution.

Architecture, design and technology in dialogue.

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constrction brochure

Special installations

Installation of special systems in the most diverse designs Whether rope or hydraulic are a welcome challenge for our assembly teams.

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